Sam & Rhodes: my two grandbabies born in 2015 & 2016.

Sam & Rhodes: my two grandbabies born in 2015 & 2016.

Like most doulas, my interest in birth work began with the birth of my own children. I have been passionate about birth, babies and breastfeeding, studied all I could long before I knew that a doula was even a thing. While I knew natural childbirth was what I wanted, you should know that I am here to help you with information to make your own decisions regarding your choices, not to push my personal opinions on you.


I live in Gwinnett county with my husband of 20 years. I am mother to 4; three grown with families of their own, 2 young grandbabies! My youngest son recently graduated from Hebron Christian Academy. He is currently attending The Creative Circus, a design school in Atlanta.  We have been a part of North Point Community Church for the past 13 years. My three great loves are my family, entertaining and creating; in the garden, the kitchen, or sewing.



Creating a positive birth experience strengthens and empowers not only the mother but the bond between her, her baby, and her husband. Helping women and their family navigate this sacred rite of passage builds healthy relationships that are far reaching.

No matter how or where you choose to have your baby, I will provide continuous support and create an atmosphere advantageous to labor and birth. 

It is an honor to witness birth and I will help you remember your fortitude and sacrifice afterwards.



In January 2016 I had the privilege to spend nearly a month in Summertown, TN, staying in a wonderful cabin on The Farm. It was there that I had the honor to serve as doula for my daughter and son-in-law as they welcomed their firstborn to their arms. 

The Farm Midwifery Center is where Ina May Gaskin began her midwifery practice in the 70's.  Having studied her writings for years, we were beyond thrilled to be able to have this opportunity!  One of her partners, Carol Nelson, was our amazing midwife. We spent countless hours together before, during and after the birth, learning all that I could from this legendary birth worker.  I was even invited to spend the day with her as she made her rounds in the Amish community.


We had the privilege of having Mary attend the birth of our VBAC baby and she was such a blessing and encouragement to both me and my husband. She’s a strong and steady presence ready to jump in and assist wherever there is a need. We’re so thankful for her patience, compassionate heart, and all of the knowledge she brought to our daughter’s birth. Mary is called to be a Doula and we’re so grateful she was a part of the most wonderful natural birth we could have ever imagined!
— Aundrea J.
As a birth doula for my first child, this magical lady served as my sherpa into motherhood. She guided my husband and I through those intense and joy-filled hours with such love, knowledge, and creativity. Our home birth was free of fear and full of empowerment, led by her energy & words. If you’re considering a doula for your birth experience - or wondering what one is - I highly recommend chatting with Mary Hanks.
— Sara G.
From exercises for sciatica to breastfeeding wisdom, Mary was an invaluable resource and support system throughout our pregnancy, birth, and there after. She helped equip me with the information and support I needed to confidently experience pregnancy and delivery. While I delivered in a hospital, she made the environment calm and cozy. She strongly advocated for our birth plan. She prepared my husband so he was able to emotionally, physically, and mentally support me during delivery. It was such a gift to experience the birth of our son as a family unit. We would not have been able to have had such an experience without her. Not to mention how well she combatted my back labor with counter pressure and other techniques. She was a reliable coach, friend, and good listener... And will continue as a friend. I have already began recommending Mary to friends who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.
— Tiffany S.


I have had to opportunity to assist families at hospitals in Atlanta, Cumming, Gainesville, and Athens.  My birth experiences includes water birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), Cesarean, precipitous birth, twins, and home births.    


I am studying daily, constantly learning and am confident that I can help you achieve a positive birth experience.

I am certified as a birth doula through DONA International and continue to hone my skills, deepen my understanding of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding through extensive reading and study.

Apprenticeship and Continuing Education
In addition to the DONA workshop training (2014), reading and studies, I also have a seasoned doula who mentored me. She is a now a trusted friend and a tremendous blessing!   

For parents interested in Hypnobabies, I have also attended the Hypnobabies Childbirth classes and am finishing the Hypno-Doula Training.