We had the privilege of having Mary attend the birth of our VBAC baby and she was such a blessing and encouragement to both me and my husband. She’s a strong and steady presence ready to jump in and assist wherever there is a need. We’re so thankful for her patience, compassionate heart, and all of the knowledge she brought to our daughter’s birth. Mary is called to be a Doula and we’re so grateful she was a part of the most wonderful natural birth we could have ever imagined!
— Aundrea J.
As a birth doula for my first child, this magical lady served as my sherpa into motherhood. She guided my husband and I through those intense and joy-filled hours with such love, knowledge, and creativity. Our home birth was free of fear and full of empowerment, led by her energy & words. If you’re considering a doula for your birth experience - or wondering what one is - I highly recommend chatting with Mary Hanks.
— Sara G.